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Sanbao Oral Liquid - "tree jewls"

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Fohow Sanbao oral liquid was produced by adding to new resources that have been confirmed by the Ministry of Health—black thorny ant on the base of Fohow oral liquid. In the course of production, cryogenic extract technology at the temperature of minor five degree and nanometer paries technology are applied to make best of 98% of the effective component in ant. As a result, this product is crystal of the experts from health promotion food academy who have spent a long time doing the study with great concentration, and at the same time, it is also a supernatural invigorant that has functions in nourishing yin and tonifying yang, improving sexual function and barrenness, and protecting the skin and hairdressing.

Material Composition Ganoderma lucidum, Caterpillar fungus, matrimony vine, Lentinus edodes, Polygonatum odoratum, lilyturf root, Astragalus Root

 Functions and Effects

1. Resistance of rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis

It can adjust the immunologic function of the body without the side effect of immune suppressor. Through immune regulation, the oral liquid enhances the functions of immune organs such as thymus and spleen, increases the number of leucocyte, lowers the rate of sedimentation of erythrocyte and promotes the negative conversion of rheumatoid factor so as to reduce the generation of auto-antibody and its destroy of cells. In addition, this product also plays a vital role in stimulating hemopoietic function to ameliorate patients’ anemia condition and especially in the assistance of balance between T cells and suppressor T cells.

 2. Good effects for hepatitis B: It can offer adjutant therapy and protection to the patients who have hepatitis B and surface anti-yang. With the addition of the traditional Chinese medicine which can eliminate dampness and expel blood stasis, it can regulate the flow of vital energy and soothe the liver, reinforce the spleen and promote digestion and so on, this product can recuperate patients’ health in a short time, get rid of the virus and refresh the damaged hepatocyles.

 3. Special effect on diabetes: This product has the functions that have good effects on diabetes such as enhancing immune system, regulating endocrine to accelerate glycometabolism, promoting the functions of islet cells β, increasing the reactivity of insulin and inhibiting the produce of insulin antibody. What’s more, this product can activate insulinogen to transform into insulin to control and change the symptom of diabetes.

 4. Promotion in the development of thymic: It can strengthen people of immunity and resistance capabilities, promote the development of immune organs like thymus and spleen so that people can bloom the spirit again.

 5. Removal of the severe side effect caused by chemotherapy: It can improve the reactivity of macrophage and lymphocyte to increase the number of leucocyte in the blood, remarkably lessening the severe side effect of radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

 6. Good effects in exhibiting preferable effect on the kidney and strengthening the Yang: Fohow Sanbao oral liquid has the function of nourishing the essence, supplying the air and increasing mental alertness. Through the nourishing of essence and air supply, it realizes the effects of tonifying the kidney and strengthening the Yang.

 The Miraculous Black Thorny Ant

1. The other names of it are black ant, mother ant or polyrhachis vicina. It is spleen-invigorating, dampness-emoving,energy-strengthening, body-building and can detoxify and promote the subsdence of swelling. It is mainly used in rheumatism, rheumatoid disease, kidney damage, debility and dermatitis and so on. According to the analysis of relative scientific research institute, the black thorny ant contains a large number of what people need such as proteins, amino acids, minor elements and other active substances.

 2. Characteristics and functions of black thorny ant

(1) Why the black thorny ant is called "the nutrition house of microfauna"? Some domestic research and medical institutes have did analysis on the nutrition of this kind of ants, which indicates that in its body, protein takes 40-50%; the minor elements indispensable to people are 14; there are 19 kinds of amino acids (threonine, phenylalanine, valine, Isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine and tryptophan are essential to people); it is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, B12 and Vitamin C, D, E; there are also some inorganic salts such as calcium, ferrum, phosphorus, selenium and zinc, in which ferrum takes the most.

 (2) What immunologic functions does the black thorny ant preparation have?

Some relative experts made biological effects research of the immune system and anti-aging research of the extracts from it, which shows that this kind of preparation can strengthen the immune system, increase sexual functions and resist ageing. Clinical and animal experiments manifested that this kind of preparation can proliferate immune organs and immune cells, enforce cell division to increase the percentage of DNA and RNA and cause proliferation of germinal cells so as to improve sexual functions.

 People who are allowed to have the medicine Patients who have rheumatism, rheumatoid disease, hepatitis B or carry Hepatitis B; diabetics; patients who have radiotherapy and chemotherapy on cancer and valetudinarian

Dosage Take a bottle of it twice daily on an empty stomach, in the morning and evening respectively; 30 days are defined as a period. The patients can double dosage according to his condition.

Characteristics of Fohow Sanbao Oral Liquid

There are mainly three materials: black ant, caterpillar fungus and ginseng. The function of it is to supplement calcium, zinc and amino acid, and improve essence of life, vital energy and spirit.

Caterpillar fungus is a kind of plant people are familiar with and has been introduced in details before. Ginseng has the function of resisting fatigue and nourishes people’s vitality and strengthens Yang. Ant is a more miraculous animal.

Ant has a special great vitality and adaptability, which is mainly manifested by: the ant was found in the amber one hundred million years ago, however, its shape has no difference from the ant of today. It has a long life: generally speaking, an ergate can live for five years, and the queen can live for twenty years. While insects like bees and grasshoppers only have a few months of life, it is rheumatoid-resistant because it is always living in the damp and wet carve all the years, but working all the day without getting trouble of the rheumatalgia. It is bacteria-resistant——the ants always have the rotted animals and plants. The scientists also did some experiments by feeding the ants with different kinds of viruses and disease germs, but the result is that the ants did not get infectious disease. It is of ample strength and not easy to get weary, for the ant can uphold the object which weighs much heavier than itself and continue working without a bit of inexhaustibility. Surprisingly, the ant is said to be too fond of sugar, but never to have diabetes. In ants, there must be some special objects that have special effects on life. Otherwise, why do they have such vitality?

In China, it has been more than a thousand years since the ant was used to cure many diseases in traditional Chinese medicine. The diseases contain rheumatism, rheumatoid disease, hepatic disease, kidney disease and diabetes and so on. The modern medical research has found that in black thorny ant, protein takes 40-55%, 14 kinds of minor elements which are indispensable for people and 19 kinds of amino acids are included; also, it is rich in vitamin A, B1、B2、B12 and vitamin C、D、E; There are also calcium, ferrum, phosphorus, selenium and zinc in inorganic salt, especially the content of zinc is the most. At the same time, active polypeptide ingredients are also found to improve disease-resistant and fatigue-resistant abilities of organism.

Football players always perform better in the home field than in the visiting field. Researchers have found the dosage of andrusol in the players who perform in the home field is remarkably more than that in the visiting field, the reason for which is that a high degree of excitement makes people secrete more andrusol. In view of this, our researchers found that under the temperatures below three to five degree, the ant can secrete much more peptides substances.

Therefore, if we make process of the living ants we bought as material under the circumstance of three or five below temperature, we will gain more bioactivator. After breaking the wall of the cell of the materials like ants, caterpillar fungus and ginseng with technology of nanometer and then extracting and making oxidation resistance of peritoneum in low temperatures, we can get the medicine oral liquid.

Sanbao Oral liquid not only can supplement the components like calcium, ferrum, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, vitamin, amino acids and protein, but also can replenish essence, make air supply and refresh a person. What is more, it has special effects in improving such diseases as rheumatalgia, hepatitis, cervical vertebra disease and low sexuality in males and females.

Three objects are indispensable in the nature, they are sun, moon and stars, but for people, they are essence, vitality and spirit, which Fohow Sanbao oral liquid can provide for you.

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