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gaoquankeep good body shape forever

On the basis of traditional health-preserving theory, experts group of Fohow Institute has developed the healthy and nutritious high-fiber nutritional tablets with combination of clearance and nourishment by applying the modern chelate technology. The high-fiber nutritional tablets can meet the body needs by providing beneficial nutrition, wrap oil discharge by providing high fiber to clean intestine and reach the aim of enjoy cate and health by deferring sugar absorption. It will be an unusual food partner of the obesity and “Three High people” (high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high blood lipid).

  a1 Material composition:

(1) Konjak is a traditional food of low calorie and high fiber, and also a medicine of peculiar function, called “Whitewing for Intestine and Stomach”, renowned as “Drug Conferred by God”. The main health preserving and therapy intention are to lower the blood lipid, blood sugar, cholesterol, and detoxicate, do detumescence, bacteriostasis, reduce phlegm and siltation. There is very good effect for the adiposity, constipation and cardiovascular serial disease.

(2) High-density Chitosan

It is called “The Sixth Vital Factor” by most Nutrition Institutions of U.S.A. and Europe in 1991 after protein, fat, sugar, vitamin and minerals, which are required for the human’s health.

(3) High-fiber

(4) Spirulina is a natural blue-green algae plant that is familiar for us and is one of the healthy foods with full nutrition.

(5) Isolated protein is extracted from the natural plants and is mostly near to the proportion of essential amino acid composition in the human’s body. Therefore, it is the natural vegetable protein that is easy to be absorbed by human body.

 2 Functions and Effects:

(1) Effects of lowering blood sugar: For the reason that like the sponge, when KGM and high-fibers get into intestines and stomach, they become gel-like after absorbing water, which increases the glutinousness of the food, defers the absorption of glucose from the food and at the same time, increases the sense of fullness so that the sugar intake becomes lessened to prevent the condition that blood sugar sharply increases after dinner. And at the same time, after absorbing water, the soluble fibers can form a kind of “isolated layer” on the surface of villous coat of small intestine to hinder intestinal tract’s assimilation of glucose, with the unabsorbed glucose being excreted to the outside of the body with sed. In addition, the high-fibers can also strengthen the sensibility of insulin and reduce the requirement of insulin through the effect of lowering blood sugar. The qualified protein in spirulina is with lower sugar and fat, the ideal nutritional food for the diabetes patients.

 (2) Effects of lowering blood-lipid: Cholesterol, which is fatty substance in blood, can increase the risk of coming down with coronary heart disease and lithiasis. After getting into the body, high-fibers can reduce the absorption of cholesterol, promote the excretion of gall, and bring down the cholesterol content to prevent the coronary heart disease and lithiasis.

 (3) Effects of resisting hunger and losing weight: After KGM and high-fibers swell, stomach and intestinal tract begin to expand to make people feel full, inhibiting the intake of more food and restricting the absorption of part of sugar and lipid. That will make consumption of fat increase and help the diabetics and fat people control their diet and lose weight.

 (4) Effects of moisturizing the intestine, relaxing the bowels and eliminating the toxicant: After getting into the body, high-fibers absorb water and the space the objects in the intestinal tract becomes larger, which makes the soft sed easy to get through intestinal tract, and at the same time, the intestinal tract was improved to creep so that it becomes easy for the intestinal tract to resort and absorb the poison. In addition to chitosan’s absorption of toxin in the body and heavy metal, at the time of moisturizing the intestine and relaxing the bowels, it can eliminate the toxicant in the body and has good effects on the cure of constipation and hemorrhoids.

 In the recent years, with the development of living standard, people pay more and more attention to what they have; the total dietary fiber intake per capita is on a declining curve; the number of patients who are fat, have diseases of diabetes, heart disease, hyperglycemia and so on becomes more and more because of the “three highs” (that is high-protein, high-fat, high- calorie) dietary structure, which has attracted researchers’ attention at home and abroad. And under this condition, high-fiber nutrition tablet comes up and becomes necessities in the modern times. Not only can the high-fiber nutrition tablet offer people the necessary nutrition, it can also expel the remaining fat and toxin.


 People who are allowed to have the medicine

Those who are fat and belong to “three highs”, keep fit and healthy.


For the people who is losing weight: take eight granules half an hour before lunch and supper with warm water; for those who appreciate delicious food, take four granules half an hour before lunch and supper with warm water.

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