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Seaweed Calcium Capsules - Haicao Gaj

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The seaweed calcium capsule is a new product to supplement calcium, which is processed by proprietary technology with the seaweed calcium as the raw material. It has the characteristics of pure nature, high calcium and easy to be absorbed.

 As we all know, lack of calcium will lead to more than 160 kinds of diseases and symptoms, so how to supplement calcium? Anyway, absorption accounts! Seaweed Fohow Calcium Capsule is easiest to be absorbed. The reasons are as follows: first of all, extracted from pure natural seaweed, it is green food and safer; secondly, it is a kind of preparation of liquid calcium, which is easily to be absorbed; thirdly, it contains 73 kinds of mineral composition people need, which makes it balanced in nutrition and calcium ion will be easier to be assimilated. Finally, its PH value is 7.0, which indicates that it will not exert negative effects on the absorption of gastrointestinal tract with the symptom of gastrectasia and indigestion.

 Ingredients Seaweed, calcium ion, seed fat

 Dosage The average daily dose is 2-3 granules each time, twice daily with warm water. 

 People who are allowed to take this medicine those who need the supplementation of calcium.

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