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Sanqing Oral Liquid

sancinRemove Internal Rubbish and Restore Your Health

It is produced by extracting technology in low-temperature, cell wall technology. So the active elements can be maintained completely and absorbed by the body easily. This product doesn’t have chemical and hormone ingredients and is a kind of natural health preservation product.

composed of : aloe vera gel and oligose, and is aided with more than 10 herbs, such as chitin, chrysanthemum, folium ginkgo, black jelly fungus, Ganoderma Lucidum and Cordyceps sinensis

 1. Aloe vera gel: there are more than 160 kinds of active ingredients in the aloe. Tincture of aloes’s antibacterial effect is powerful and aloetin can destroy cancer cells, strengthen the immune system, increase the vitality, slow the aging process, thus has predominant effect to constipation, hemorrhoids, wound and cardiovascular disease.

2. Oligose: it is a kind of fine solubilised dietary fiber and has perfect effect of improving the function of intestinal canal, preventing constipation and diarrhea, lowering the blood lipid and boosting the immune system.

3. Chitin: it is the only edible animal fibre of free amine group IAMC in the nature and regarded as the 6th biological element of human body.

4. Extract of folium ginkgo: gingkgo is always considered as “living fossil”. The effective rate of folium ginkgo inhibiting the growth of 25 kinds of pathomycete is 92%, especially increasing the blood flow to blood vessel of the brain, improving memory and curing Alzheimers. It can expand coronary artery, inhibit the accumulation of blood platelet, prevent thrombus, thus prevent angina, miocardial infarction; it can also improve immunity, clear the free radical, thus has the effect of preventing cancer and aging. 70% of world’s gingkgo resource is in China and gingkgo products are the first of Chinese medicine export.

5. Black jelly fungus: jelly fungus is sweet in taste, cold in property and it is a kind of famous vegetarian food with high protein, low fat, multi fibre and mineral. Special plant colloid in it can prevent absorbinh of fat, thus has effect of losing weight and anti-cancer. It is the healthy food that WHO has recommended.

6. Herba Abri: clearing heat and promoting diuresis, nourishing yin to reduce pathogenic fire, removing heat from the liver and moistening the lung, strengthening spleen and removing sluggish.

7. Chrysanthemum: sweet, bitter, slightly cold, dispelling wind and removing heat from the liver, detoxifying and reducing edema magnitude.

8. Extract of Cordyceps sinensis: entering into lung and kidney, not only nourishing Kidney Yin, but also replenishing Kidney Yang and balancing the whole system of human body and making the body strong.

All in all, Fohow Sanqing Oral Liquid has the following advantages:

1. Fohow experts and consultant group has developed the formula, which is versed in both ancient and modern knowledge and has predominant effect.

2. Clean intestine, toxin and blood lipid

3. With the aloe vera gel and oligose, the product has perfect effect of cleaning intestine.

4. The product is aided with chitin. Chitin is the only edible animal fibre of free amine group IAMC in the nature and regarded as the 6th biological element of human body. It can absorb the different kinds of toxin and discharge them out of the body, thus has unique effect of detoxification.  

5. The product is aided with folium ginkgo and black jelly fungus. It is publicly known that folium ginkgo is the natural medicine to prevent and cure cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. While the black jelly fungus is the healthy food that WHO has recommended, it has the effect of reducing the consistency of blood and cleaning the blood lipid.

6. The product is aided with extract of Cordyceps sinensis, ganoderma Lucidum and radix astragali, so it can regulate yin and yang with bi- direction, balance the body and make it strong.

7. The product employs extracting technology in low-temperature, cell wall technology and can protect active ingredient of different materials effectively.

8. The use of oral liquid makes it easy to be absorbed and preserved, thus the function of the product is guaranteed.

People who are allowed to take this medicine :patients with constipation, enteritis and gastritis, high blood lipid and other patients triggered by them---patients with acne, splash, easy to angry and halitosis.

Dosage:  2 daily, 15 days can be defined as a period, another period can start with three days interval. The amount of kids should be reduced to half.

What is Sanqing Oral Clearance?

Clean intestine, toxin and blood lipid.

1. Why to clean intestine? The length of human’s intestine is about five to six meters with a fold every 3.5 cm (there are about 100 folds in the whole intestine). These folds can store, at most, 6 Jin of food residue, which will ferment, decay and become black, toxic substance (inveterate excrement) with fetor. If these decayed substances will not be discharged, they will be absorbed by the intestine into the body.

2. Why to clean toxin? (1) External cause: 1) air----atmospheric pollution (dust, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile matter of coal and oil burning), the heavy pollution within the room, the formaldehyde of 80% families’ home decoration is over; 2) Water----heavy pollution (industrial wastewater, especially the toxic wastewater, can not be dealt with well, pollution of water resource, etc.); 3) Foods----pesticide residue (fruits, grain, vegetables, tea, etc.), overuse of fertilizer, the growth stage of poultry’s fodder consumption is shorten, etc. (2) internal cause: 1) a large amount of metabolic waste forms heat toxin, cold toxin, epidemic toxin, various of heavy metal ions, etc. that will sediment within the body; 2) the change of physiologic factors and psychological factors leads to endocrine disorders, that will cause mental uneasiness, wingding, lung-fire, stomach-fire, etc. and bring about the appearance of constipation, acne, whelk, freckle, adiposity, etc.

3. Why to clean blood lipid? The people eat too much high-fat food (meat and greasy food) due to the improvement of the living level, which makes the fat accumulate continuously in the blood and the viscosity increase constantly. Therefore cardiovascular disease (cerebral apoplexy, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, sudden cardiac death and high blood pressure) become the first killer for the human. The number of the people who are suffering from diabetes, fatty liver, hepatocirrhosis, gallstone and obesity is increasing.

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