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xueqingfuBlood Cleaner Capsule

Blood Cleaner Capsule has mixed the many years' success of traditional Chinese medicine experts in Fohow Company. Many friends give highly praise after they use the medicine and said that it is the whitewing for blood vessel and protector of health.

 Blood Cleaner Capsule has supernatural effect to high blood pressure, high blood lipoids, high blood sugar, coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, stoke sequela, climacteric syndrome and anti-aging group and shows deep medical knowledge of Chinese traditional medicine.

Ingredients : extracts of natto, grape pip, gynostemma pentaphylla

Dosage: take 2-3 granules once time, 2 times daily with warm water

People who are allowed to take this medicine patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and the trend of the disease( kids and pregnant women should be used with caution)

Clearing the thrombus inside: Nattokinase has powerful effect of dissolving thrombus, dissolving the formed thrombus, preventing the assembling of blood platelet, inhibiting the formation of new thrombus, restoring the smooth and thorough flow of the blood, thus prevents the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

Softening the blood vessel in the exterior side: OPC is a kind of new and high-efficient antioxidant, whose capability is 50 times of that of vitamin E, and 20 times of that of vitamin C. It is also the most powerful and efficient scavenging agent of free radical and can prevent more than 70 kinds of diseases. It can soften the blood vessel, reduce its brittleness and restore the flexibility.

Assist three antis: anti- hypertension, anti-high blood lipid and anti-diabetics.

Just because Blood Cleaner Capsule can follow this medical knowledge of combining the inside and outside, its capacity of dissolving thrombus is the best, comparing with the current existing dissolving thrombus medicines. So it can restore blood vessel and its flexility, reduce three highs, prevent cirrhosis, protect liver, improve the immune system and lengthen one's life.

Blood Cleaner Capsule can give you surprise everyday; take for one day, you will feel refresh and strong without tiredness; for two days, constipation will improved greatly, there will be more gloss on your face, stuffiness and short breath will be improved greatly; after three days, the blood supply will be improved and the thrombus will be dissolved, the rubbish of the body, gut and blood vessel will be defecated.



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