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Bio-induction Thermal Neck Protector

juosta kaklui 2Patron saint for neck area


1. promoting blood circulation of the neck area, releasing and eliminating arthralgia in neck, shoulder and arm areas;

2. increasing blood flow in brain, releasing headache and fatigue;

3. regulating nerve and improving sleeping quality.

Application Instruction

attach the Bio-induction Thermal Neck Protector cloth directly on the skin of neck area, three hours for each time, except for sleeping, user can wear whenever it is convenient for him or her. It is normal when a small number of people with sensitive skin feel burning, it will not injure skin, and user can shorten the time of wearing according to his or her situation.

Special Notice

the tightness shall be decided by comfortableness, if attached too tight, it may oppress the neck arteries, so should be avoided.

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